Pam and Carlos wedding

Pam and Carlos live in Bastrop Texas on a little parcel of land with their friends; three dogs, Bob, Mindy, and Trish, two cats Molly and Terry, three chickens (the chickens all look alike so they are hard to name), two donkeys, Bella and Storm, and two horses, Bliss, and Crackers. They all live together in harmony most of the time but, sometimes in chaos.  When they are not enjoying the bright sunshine of Central Texas or the fantastic sunsets they are thinking about where Zobo’s descendants are going next.   Since 1999 Carlos has been rounding up and preserving wild horses.  He has established two wild horse preserves in New Mexico.   Together with his wife Pam they are trying to raise enough money to purchase land here in Texas to open up another wild horse preserve. They are not asking for donations, which is why they are writing the Zobo series.  Through the sale of the books and the development of the movie project,  they hope to raise enough money to purchase land for a new preserve.


                             Real Life Zobo and Family                            

Sombrillo on Norther preserve 2

                                                                                                                                   “Sombrillo” Zobo’s Father 

      13522845_503123793225358_8225990252826258353_o                  Zobo2

                                                                                                 “Rain” Zobo’s Mother                                                                          “Zobo”

Jena B.


My interest in art began with my grandmother, who often painted murals on the inside of our home. Even now, my first thought about a blank wall is that it should have something painted on it. My grandmother saw the artist in me and would often come up with projects for me to do, besides the usual homework. The project I remember most fondly is the image of a white horse running over a sand dune–you know, one of those tacky, corny and overall painfully fake calendar images you see everywhere. Being homeschooled and overly sheltered as a child, I was not exposed to a great deal of life until I began going to college. My worldview and ideal of society was dimly lighted and the only things that I really REALLY knew was that I wanted to be a painter and that I loved the form of the horse. Even now, my tinted glasses removed, my eye still catches on that simple blood and bones animal. In college, between the years of 2004 and 2012, I will shamelessly brag that I was very successful in my projects and I never found myself struggling with the act of painting–it was like walking. But even so, having had kids, by then, with two jobs in different towns, I found that my schooling was the only thing that I could feasibly sacrifice. It was a painful decision; I never imagined that all those years in college would not come to fruit.  Even so, I am a successful painter with several commissions a year and no complaints to date.

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Tim and crew

            Producer of Zobo (The First Mustang) Animated Movie

Tim Aydelott is a wildlife ecologist with 30 years of experience in education and filmmaking. Tim has a unique combination of skills, experience and ecological interests that shine through in his film projects. Tim started his career as a teacher and his passion for environmental education led to an interest in documentary film making; his films have been used to educate the community at large about important environmental issues. Starting with Way Out West, an instructional television series that was made for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science for middle and high school students. Tim’s most recent project was Famous Outcrops (completed in 2014). Tim Aydelott Productions was founded in 2008 when production for Desert Reef started. Since founding the production company, Tim has worked on many varied projects both in New Mexico and globally. For more information go to