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Wild Horse Roundup Training Manual (Downloadable version)


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Why round up the wild horses?

This question is asked of us many times; it’s probably the first question asked by individuals that read about what we are doing. Our work is based on the belief that throughout the wild bands of horses roaming the Western United States of America there are some that still carry the high percentage of DNA from the horses brought to the New World by the Spanish Explorers. We know that most of these animals are not found roaming with the typical bands on government lands. The horses that we are trying to find fall into the very rare range, maybe 1 in 30, and are located in isolated areas of the West where access is difficult, dangerous, and almost impossible.

  1. These animals are the only remaining link to the original horses that came back to the Americas after a 6000-year hiatus.
  2. These animals changed the Native Americans way of life and redefined their culture.
  3. These are the animals on whose back this nation was built.

History tells us that without the wild horse, the face of America would not be what it is today


  • a horseless Native American,
  • the Pony Express on foot,
  • the first cowboys walking behind their cattle
  • the West without the Mustang.

We know why we want to preserve these magnificent creatures; now you must ask yourself:

 Why do you want to protect them?