Hello Carlos,

I was finally able to review your website and get the information to order the first of your book series.  My order will soon go in and want to make certain I get each one when released for myself and each of my nieces.  I love the map for each of the series.

You have done so much good for the mustang and the amazing talent of your artist’s work and your leather works is breathtaking.  I wish I would have known you when you were here in New Mexico.  But I have had the pleasure of speaking to you about New Mexico history in the Rio Abajo and would like to stay in contact with you always.  I’ve not known anyone other than yourself that has a view of our history who actually worked on the verifiable document history.  Thank you.

The court case that is listed within Tomas B. Catron will be sent.  My USB will not open, so I will need to visit UNM to reacquire the content.

Last year, I left a few documents that I researched pertaining to my el Ente/Lente ancestors and their lands with Malcolm Ebright to go over and study to get his opinion.  He didn’t believe what my opinion was and had never researched the San Clemente.  Well, he phoned me in the last week and his opinion has changed.  He would like to meet with me and go over the history of this area and the Lente genealogy.  Mr. Ebright suggested similar recognition as Ysleta del Sur.  I’m looking forward to meeting with him to show him maps I acquired of the Los Lentes area.  I mentioned to him the amazing assistance you gave my sister Chrissy and the final report grade.  I also mentioned to him that I just spoke with you to get your knowledgeable opinion of the area.  Mr. Ebright said he knew you and made positive remarks about your history research.  All of this is a positive advancement forward to finally be able to reveal the truth of my ancestors and their history as my grandmother requested.

It is so ironic that the Los Lunas Museum is having a 300 year exhibit commemorating the San Clemente Land Grant and how the Luna’s acquired it.  I was not invited, which I am not surprised.  Francelle Alexander who wrote “Among The Cottonwoods” will be attending to take notes for me.  She is one of my supporters who views the history here differently as well.

I look forward to learning more about your adventures and success.  I am honored to know you as a true historian, artist and caretaker of the remarkable mustangs.

Ruby Niner


Mary Moire‎
Zobo Book Series

I bought the first edition for my great granddaughter. I had to read it before I let her have it. The story was very interesting and left you wanting more. The illustrations were really beautiful. Great job and thank you for the book. Did I mention I got a signed copy.